A browser extension that modifies your Mixer viewing experience.

What is MixrElixr?

MixrElixr is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and many other chromium compatible browsers that aims to provide a Better Twitch TV like experience for Mixer. The extension can modify the Mixer website you make your viewing experience better.

Plus, if you’re a streamer, you can even use MixrElixr to upload bigger custom emotes for your channel! Partnered or not, you can now add some style to your streams.

Introducing MixrElixr



Live Channels List

Quickly see which of your followed streamers are online and streaming with the press of a button.

Live Alerts

Get a desktop alert when a streamer you select goes live! Never miss a stream again.

Custom Emotes

Better Twitch TV like custom emotes! Get access to a new selection of global emotes and channel specific custom emotes!

Dark Mode

The default color scheme on Mixer isn’t for everyone, so we provide a variety of themes to brighten or darken the experience.

Theater Mode

Focus on what matters with theater mode. This mode makes the video much bigger and gets rid of distractions.

Auto Close Mixplay

Never use mixplay? Want more room for the video? Select this option to automatically close Mixplay.

Highlight Mentions

Provide a list of words, or set the extension to highlight messages in which you’re mentioned. Never miss a message again.

Hide Spark Spam

Tired of the effects, the stickers, and the spark related shenanigans? Easily hide them and clean up your viewing experience.

Streamer Favoriting

Follow a lot of streamers, but want only a few to really stand out? Favorite them!


There are a bunch of options in the extension for making the site cleaner and easier to use.


Text too small? Just specify your own text size so that chat is easier to read!

PER Streamer Settings

Almost all settings in the extension can be applied on a per streamer basis!