Community created tools built for Mixer streamers.

What is Firebot?

Firebot is a Mixer Bot that allows streamers to setup Interactive controls, Chat commands, Timers, Overlay effects, and so much more! Here is what you can expect in Firebot:

Highly Customizable Interactive

What Firebot is known for! Get access to the most flexible Interactive features on Mixer. You can make your buttons do pretty much anything!

Chat Commands

Full featured commands, including permissions and cooldowns!


Trigger effects when people Follow, Host, or Subscribe. There are even Events for when viewers get banned, when Interactive connects, and more!

Robust Effect System

Firebot features an expansive and powerful Effects system that enables endless possibilities for your Buttons, Commands, Events, Timers, etc!

Chat Feed

Monitor chat straight from within Firebot. You can even choose to chat as your main account or your bot account!

Moderation Tools

See who is pressing buttons, ban users from using interactive buttons, and even spark exempt viewers!


Periodically send a message to chat or display an image. Like everything else, Timers take advantage of Firebot’s effect system.


Trigger commands, buttons, or any number of effects on a keypress! Works great with Streamdeck or just having quick access to your most needed effects.

Automatic Backups

Firebot has a built-in automatic backup and restore system giving you the piece of mind to focus on your amazing streams!


Extend Firebot beyond it’s native features with custom scripts using Javascript. Firebot also hosts an easy to use REST API.


We aim to provide as much support as possible for all of our tools. We believe that a strong support system creates a strong community. There are several different ways to ask for support. Our developers monitor all of these channels. We’re also happy to say that there are many community members who know as much about the app as the devs! These people are gracious enough to help us with support as well. All of this means that you’ll hopefully recieve support in a timely manner.


We’re happy to say that there are many people who put together wonderful tutorials supporting our tools. All of these are created by the community for the community. All of these different viewpoints and topics should give you some great prespective on how the tool works and how it is used. However, if you ever find yourself at a loss, feel free to drop by the forums or discord to get some additional help! Please take some time to click the title of each youtube video to head over to the creator’s page and give them some support! Want to submit a tutorial? Just message us on twitter or discord and we’ll get your video into the list!

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