Streamer Tools

Community created tools built for Mixer streamers.


Firebot is a Mixer Bot that allows streamers to setup Interactive controls, Chat commands, Timers, Overlay effects, and so much more!

Mixer Chatter

Mixer Chatter is a quick and easy solution to get a chat overlay on your stream. It does not require any sort of special permission and support sub icons and all mixer emotes. To get started all you need to do is scroll down and use the form to generate a link! Copy the link and paste it into a browser source element in your streaming software.

Mixer Support Shoutout

Mixer Support Shoutout is a quick and easy way to give your streamer shoutouts a little bit of oomph. This will show a popup with a streamers name, avatar, etc when you use your shoutout commands. This is an excellent way to bring a bit more attention to your friends!

Mixer Credits

Mixer Credits is a way to show some appreciation for all of the follows, subs, hosts, etc. This will role movie style credits at the end of your stream with each person getting assigned a random movie production role!