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A desktop chat bot and Mixplay app for Mixer streamers.

What is Firebot?

Firebot is a desktop chat bot that allows Mixer streamers to quickly and easily setup Mixplay, chat commands, and other functionality for their channel. The application itself is a product of many streamers and Mixer community members working together to make the platform a better place to stream.




Firebot started as a Mixplay bot back in 2015, and has continuously evolved to bring powerful and customizable Mixplay tools.

Chat Commands

Firebot also allows streamers to take control over their chat. The commands system will help you provide your chat with fun and useful commands.


Firebot supports some of the most well known third party streaming tools, such as Streamlabs, TipeeeStream, and StreamLoots.

NO DevLab Needed

With the built in dev lab, there is no need for you to browse through Mixer’s developer only backend. Just build and configure your buttons in app instead!

Chat Feed

The chat feed built directly into Firebot allows you to not only interact with your chat, but also keep an eye on moderation actions as they happen.

Events System

Want to play a sound when someone follows? Want to shoot off some fireworks when you get a sub? Easily hook into all of those events with Firebot’s Event System.

MixrElixr Support

Firebot’s built in chat feed also supports custom MixrElixr emotes! So, even if you’re not partnered on Mixer you can still add a little flair to your channel.

Chat Currency

Reward your viewers with chat currency! The longer a viewer watches, the more currency they get. Firebot even supports multiple currency systems as once!

Viewer Database

Easily see who has watched for the most time, chatted the most, interacted with Mixplay the most, and more!

Effects System

The Effects System is a simple, yet powerful system that allows you to program buttons and commands with no programming knowledge needed.


The Timer system is a way to easily create repeating commands and effects that will fire at certain intervals or after a certain number of chat messages have passed.


The hotkey system allows you to fire effects with the press of a key, similar to Stream Deck!