Community created tools built for Mixer streamers.


We aim to provide as much support as possible for all of our tools. We believe that a strong support system creates a strong community.

There are several different ways to ask for support. Our developers monitor all of these channels. We’re also happy to say that there are many community members who know as much about the app as the devs! These people are gracious enough to help us with support as well.

All of this means that you’ll hopefully recieve support in a timely manner.


Discord is one of the better places to reach out for quick support. All of our community members can easily respond to your message and start work on troubleshooting. We’d love for you to join up and ask questions!

We do recommend that you look through the forums first to see if your question has already been answered there.


Github offers a built in issue reporting system which we generally use to track changes, updates, and bugs. If you’re github savvy, you can drop your bug in there and we’ll be sure to see it.


While we do have twitter accounts for our applications, we generally recommend one of the other options for support first. It’s very hard to troubleshoot complex issues on twitter. However, if it’s something quick just send us a message!