MixrElixr Emote Guidelines

  • Image Suitability – All emotes must be suitable for younger audiences, G is a good guideline to use.
  • Hate Speech – Any derogatory or insulting image that is directed at a specific group of people may be considered hate speech.
  • Harassment & Threats – This includes bullying, targeting specific persons with hate, “kill yourself” or “cam-girl” emotes.
  • Terrorism and violent extremism – Terrorist or violent extremist acts or the promotion, glorification, or rationalization of terrorist or violent extremist positions.
  • Mature Content & Nudity – No nudity of any kind. Uploading nudity related emotes will result in a ban from the service.
  • Copyright Material – We reserve the right to remove copyright related material at any point.
  • Political Content – No political content of any kind.

Team Crowbar reserves the right to take down emotes and/or ban users for any reason at any point with no notice.