New Website!

Community created tools built for Mixer streamers.

New Website!

As Mixer has grown so too has Team Crowbar. Due to this, our collection of tools we’ve created has greatly outgrown how we were handling everything before. So, we’re combining everything we’ve done onto one easy to remember site. This will allow you to easily find everything we’ve created in the past and will create in the future, all in one place.

What is Team Crowbar?
Team Crowbar is a group of community members who gather together to create free open source tools for everyone to use. We create tools for streamers and viewers alike. Our goal is to help improve and support the Mixer community with anything that may be needed.

Free and Open Source?
Yes! We do not charge anything for our tools and all of our code is available for anyone to see. Our projects are released under the GNU 3.0 license, which means anyone can take them and modify them for their own needs.

We want to thank everyone in the community who has supported us throughout the last two years. We hope to continue providing useful tools for everyone for many years to come.