Tools for Mixer. Created for the community, by the community.


Firebot is a tool meant to help Mixer streamers easily manage their interactive controls and chat. Easily program all of your interactive controls with no coding knowledge needed, or dive deep into the code and use Firebot as a base for something bigger!

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Interactive Controls

Show images, play sounds, and more when buttons are pressed!

Chat Management

Create chat commands and monitor chat!

Stream Events

Celebrate when you get follows, subs, and more!

Custom Scripting

Customize Firebot using our custom scripting using Javascript.


MixrElixr is a browser extension that adds options to enhance your viewing experience. This extension allows us to quickly patch in some of the communities most asked for features!

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See Whos Live

See who is online simply by clicking the extension icon. You can even mark favorites!

Auto Mute

Auto mute streams so things don’t get surprising late at night.

Chat Highlights

Highlight words in chat so it’s much easier to pick them out!

Inline Chat Images

See images posted to chat without even needing to click the link.

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